Forrest Haigh

8/04/14 Crowd Sourced – The Pit – NY,NY – 7 pm
8/05/14 Every Other Tuesday Comedy – Bareburger-East Village – NY,NY – 8 pm
8/19/14 Every Other Tuesday Comedy – Bareburger-East Village – NY,NY – 8 pm


Today I learned how convenient it is to not update your webpage for a year. You just change that 3 to a 4 and poof, instant new content. Looks like I accomplished my New Years resolution after all. Keep It Simple Stupid as many girls as I can. Anyways I can’t slack this year because the show I created is getting really great really quick. Check out the page I made for it at It will give you all the info.

Happy New Year. I just broke my resolution of never to say that again. Thanks guys. It’s you who should feel bad. I did that for you but at what cost? I got a show. It’s at Standup New York on Monday at 10PM. I’ve entitled the set I’ve prepared “Don’t Scream” Its about five pages long and reads “AHHHHHHHHHHH” at length. Contact me if you want free tickets. Other comedians will be there too. Don’t wanna miss that. 2 drinks

I am back in Michigan for the holidays. It’s the time of year where everyone tells me I lost weight and I hide the fact that it is because of poverty. Award for the most awkward compliment goes to Grandpa.
          “You look more attractive.”
It’s two fold weird.
1. It means at some point I wasn’t as attractive. Odd.
2. My Grandpa keeps tabs on it


Check out this sweet video I’m in. I’m the gorgeous one.

French roommates are weird.